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Aug 10, 2008

As Hero Heat II rolls forward, Kim and TC take a look at the Lord Of The Apes!

Complete looks at the various Tarzan movies, Tarzan on TV, on stage, and several Tarzan tributes and parodies!  Plus this weeks' Cinema Subjects, Attack Of The B Movies coverage, your Bonehead Of The Week, a wrap up of the 2008 Summer X Games as well as our thoughts on the opening ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics, and listener E-mail!

 As always during Hero Heat, we get a bit longwinded, so the show is about 20 minutes over it's normal time to make sure we can accomodate everything - hope you won't mind too much...heh heh heh...

Don't forget, complete show notes are at and!

Next Week, we'll head "south of the border" (kind of) as we take a look at "Zorro With A Z"!  See you then!