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Jan 24, 2016

Subject:CINEMA #511 - "Oscars: Controversy and Contrast" - January 24 2016

THIS WEEK: This week's show has been marked EXPLICIT for a reason - there are subjects in this week show no one wants to deal with, and a few F bombs flew. Kim and TC play off each other in a rousing discussion about the Oscar diversity...

Jan 18, 2016

Subject:CINEMA #510 - "The 2016 Movie Preview!" - January 17 2016

THIS WEEK: Sorry we missed last week - being in the hospital will do that to you! Seriously, my cold, which I was almost over, came roaring back with a vengeance as we recorded the show two weeks ago, and by Tuesday, i was in the hospital with...

Jan 4, 2016

Subject:CINEMA #509 - "The 2015 Just Cause We Can Awards! - January 3 2016

THIS WEEK: It's a brand new Year! YAY! 2015 more or less SUCKED for Kim and TC in so many's hoping 2016 will be a better year!

This week, we present the 2015 Just Cause We Can awards, our companion to our official Poppies and Rosies...