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Apr 14, 2014

Subject:CINEMA #438 - "The Travelogue - Salem Film Fest, March 2014" - April 13 2014

This Week’s Show:

This is our travelogue show from the Salem Film Fest in March. I had originally intended to post this the day after we got home, but never found the time to finish editing it. So some of the references to upcoming...

Apr 7, 2014

Subject:CINEMA #437 - "Despicable Me'/'Sita Sings The Blues'/Captain America: The Winter Soldier'/The TRUTH About Streaming Video" - April 6 2014

This Week’s Show:

REEL REWIND - Weekend Box Office
MICRO FOCUS - "Despicable Me"
FREEZE FRAME - Film Comment's By The Numbers report for 2013 - how much do online pundits...