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Mar 23, 2008

TC and Kim discuss magic in the movies!

Plus, this week's Callback, catching up on our E-mail, a note about the Chlotrudis Society For Independent Film Awards, a look at the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo, and our opening coverage of the new season of Dancing With The Stars!

Mar 16, 2008

This week, Kim and TC present some of their favorite Scenes - Fight scenes, Chase scenes, Scenes of Outrageous Behavior, and Entrances!

Plus, the Callback, Bonehead of the Week with TWO (Two, Two Boneheads in one) different elements, one Bonehead, one Anti-Bonehead, and a wrap up of the National Amusements' Kung...

Mar 13, 2008

This week, Kim and TC take on Twins on screen!

Plus reviews of Brand Upon The Brain, 10,000 BC, and Gus Van Zant's Paranoid Park!

As always, complete show notes can be found on our websites at http://subjectcinema and!

See you Sunday with Return of Scenes That...

Mar 2, 2008

This week, in the first installment of CityScapes, TC and Kim take a look at movies set in and filmed in the Boston area!

Plus, email, our Bonehead Of The Week, this week's National Amusements' Kung Fu Flix features, and this week's Callback with site news!

As always, complete show notes can be found on our websites at