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Nov 25, 2007

Kim and TC take a look at the old fashioned screwball all-star comedies, and name a few more recent ones as well.

Plus, this week's Callback with all kinds of site goodies, and the Bonehead Of The Week, which marks the first time the same person has been awarded the Bonehead twice for the same thing, but with a later...

Nov 22, 2007

TC and Kim celebrate Thanksgiving by taking a look at food in the movies!

Plus, personal Thanksgiving memories, parade memories, and be forewarned - do not listen to segment five with a full stomach, because it's about food that isn't supposed to be food...

As always, show notes can be found on our websites at

Nov 18, 2007

This week, Kim and TC get a little long winded, talking about MGM's cartoon Stars!

Also, the usual suspects - The Callback, Bonehead of The Week, and listener e-mail, plus full reviews of Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium and Beowulf in Digital 3-D!

As always, complete show notes can be found on our websites at

Nov 11, 2007

TC and Kim take a look at the first roles of some of today's biggest stars. 

Plus, our take on the entertainment strikes, the WINNER of the Masters Of The Macabre Trivia Challenge, the People's Choice Awards nominiations, and all the usual stuff - Callback, E-mail ,and the Bonehead Of the Week!

As always, complete show...

Nov 4, 2007

On our second annual Diamonds In The Rough show, Kim and TC each spotlight five films that you should see when you get the chance, because they're too good to miss - call it our "Put it on your Netflix queue II" show!

Plus, The Callback, we catch up on tons of e-mail, a look at two more special "Uncut Gems" in a new...