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Oct 25, 2008

Screen Screams continues as TC and Kim look at werewolves!

Also this week, a dissertation on the duties of movie critics like ourselves to be honest and forthright, and our opinions of something noted critic Roger Ebert pulled last week; A wrap up of the 2008 AST Dew Tour, which concluded last weekend; coverage of the 2008 Scream Awards; the debut of our latest feature, the GrinchWatch; and a (belated) review of NICK AND NORAH'S INFINATE PLAYLIST!

As always, complete show notes are available at and!

In the second episode of our SC Double Play weekend tomorrow, we'll wrap up Screen Screams with a look at zombies and other undead creatures of the night in "Guess WHAT'S Coming To Dinner - The Living Dead In The Movies!"

If you're a musician and would like to be featured in Subject:CINEMA as an Artist Of The Week, please contact us at!

Change is coming to Subject:CINEMA...stay tuned...