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Jun 28, 2012

Welcome to Subject:CINEMA MICRO Focus! Each week, hosts TC Kirkham and Kim Brown will take on a single film and analyze it front to back, side to side, and everything in-between!

THIS WEEK: TC and Kim head into their "Unseen Gems" locker to discuss one of their favorite films. It's on both of their Personal Pantheon lists, and it cleaned up at the 2007 Poppies and Rosies as well. In keeping with this week's Rising Stars theme as the 2012 Rising Stars announcement looms next week, we feature THREE alumni - Anton Yelchin, Kristen Stewart, and Chris Evans - along with Diane Lane and Donald Sutherland to boot.  It's the story of a 16 year old who makes a study of the rich people he's suddenly living around for the anthropologist father he's never met - it's "FIERCE PEOPLE"!

Be forewarned - this movie has a couple of HUGE plot twists in the back half, and we discuss both at length, so if you've never seen it - and you probably haven't - we hope you won't be mad at us for ruining the big surprise...

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