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Dec 23, 2013

Subject:CINEMA #423 - "'Santa Claus'/'Dear Mr. Watterson'/'The Crash Reel'/'Grudge Match'" - December 22 2013

This Week’s Show:

REEL REWIND - This week's movie news
MICRO FOCUS - "The Nutcracker"
FREEZE-FRAME –  Accusations of sexism at Cartoon Network by writer Paul Dini
RED CARPET MONITOR - The 2013 National Film Registry inductees
FAMILY FEUD - Ashley vs Wynonna Judd
DRIVE IN DUNGEON - "Santa Claus" (1959)
CURRENT REVIEWS - "Dear Mr Watterson", "The Crash Reel", and "Grudge Match"

And More!

Personal note from TC: Our loyal listeners know how important extreme sports is in my life as a fan, and never is it more evident than in our review of the Oscar shortlisted "The Crash Reel"; this is the most emotional I have ever been in a review, and possibly in the entire history of SC except our Tenth Anniversary 9/11 show. Please forgive an old fool like me...I don't know Kevin Pearce personally, but I feel like I do because I've been such a huge fan.., and reviewing this film tore me apart, as evidenced by the fact that it took me nearly three weeks since seeing it to be able to discuss it on the show...

EXTENDED NOTES:  Visit our website at for our extended notes PDF  booklet including in-depth information, additional commentary,  info and product links, and more!

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