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May 26, 2013

Thanks for tuning in Subject:CINEMA, closing in on beginning our EIGHTH Year of podcast fun....(gasp!) And getting closer to our 400th show every week...


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  • It's been MAY-HEM all month long, and this one wraps it up - today, we look at suicide in the movies!
  • A Subject:CINEMA Scream and Shout to one of today's top actors for a great act of charity
  • A Save Our Screens from our own backyard (even though we really can't do anything yet...unless someone out there has 5Mil to spread around...)
  • We say goodbye to four people
  • The 16th season winners of Dancing With The Stars
  • A look at our trip to the Cable Car Cinema and Cafe in Providence RI, with our review of the classic film THE LAST PICTURE SHOW
  • and a Fethival Flash Film Review of THE GHOST ARMY!

Producers Note: The topic of suicide is NOT generally a funny one - too many people attempt suicide every day. But we did use some humor both in discussing the topic, and in playing up the drama of the topic onscreen. Some people may find this offensive, but please know we do NOT mean any harm by it, and are not trying to offend, merely entertain. I have had both friends and family members attempt suicide, and it is NOT funny in the real sense, but in the surreal sense, it does sometimes help to defuse the situation with humor. If you are contemplating suicide or know someone who might be doing so, please SEEK OUT HELP IMMEDIATELY. Call your local suicide hotline or get yourself or your friend or loved one to a hospital immediately - you could be saving a life - that of a friend or even your own.

We've been talking about our Boston Springs A Fethival PDF for a while now - and you're gonna have to wait until early July for this, because instead of being a separate PDF, it has been decided to incorporate our Boston festival coverage as part of a project that is coming on Sunday, July 7th. Please stay tuned to Subject:CINEMA in future weeks for more information...and trust me you're gonna love it!

Also, we've had a few listeners write in to let us know that something weird has been happening in our podcasts the last two weeks; we appear to be getting messages from something called "The 2.0" forced into our show...not sure how it's happening yet - Mevio sez it's not them - but I'm working hard to try and find the cause and the problem, and hopefully we'll figure out where it's coming from...and keep writing if you hear it again...

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