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Mar 11, 2013

Thanks for tuning in Subject:CINEMA, now in our  SEVENTH Year of podcast fun....(gasp!)


  • The last two weeks have been HORRIBLE, thanks to our improvements royally screwing things up...but I digress - this week, we're all over the road on "HEY AT LEAST WE SHOWED UP!"  - Weve got the following:
  • a recap of our weekend trip to Salem MA for the Salem Film fest, along with plenty of talk about non-movie things, but also a CinemaTour review of CinemaSalem
  • A look at this years MTV Movie Awards nominees -and why we think they SUCK
  • Tributes to Bonnie Franklin and William "Paul Bearer" Moody
  • The latest site updates on what's going on
  • and a review of - are you ready?  - HAVA NAGILA- THE MOVIE!

PLEASE Vote for "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" in EVERY CATEGORY POSSIBLE (Best Actress, Breakthrough Performance, Best Kiss, Best Musical Moment) in the 2013 MTV Movie Awards - you can vote by going HERE!


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