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Feb 17, 2013

Thanks for tuning in Subject:CINEMA, now in our  SEVENTH Year of podcast fun....(gasp!)


  • February Sweeps V continues with the stories of one of the few characters who is also a published author..and the story can get convoluted, but we love him anyway - it's ELLERY QUEEN!
  • More News about  the site upgrades
  • A brand new edition of "STAR WARS"
  • InDEPTH with the impending sale Entertainment Weekly - could it's demise be imminent?
  • A SAVE OUR SCREENS update including a success story (those are ALWAYS COOL)
  • and our review of "MONSTER SQUID: THE GIANT IS REAL!


The late Caleb Moore's family needs help paying the medical expenses for Caleb's care, as well as that of brother and fellow X-Games star Colten - won't you please help out? Please donate whatever you can at 


Please allow me to ask you to check out the Kickstarter donation page for the Randolph VT Playhouse theatre. The Playhouse is the oldest continuously-operating single screen movie theater in Vermont, and --We've got GREAT NEWS THIS WEEK !

NEW! The Brattle has started their Kickstarter campaign to fund their digital conversion (which I mistakenly thought was already done - sorry Ned & Ivy!) and an upgraded HVAC system - and it's already going great guns. Help out RIGHT NOW!


BMX Rider Brett Banasiewicz's condition after his August 2012 accident continues to improve, but his family can always use the help to pay for Brett's bills. Donate to the medical fund, buy the #MADDOG tee from the Athlete Recovery Fund here , or make a general donation here .

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