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Feb 21, 2009

TC and Kim play host to Nickelodeon on this next to last edition of Feburary Sweeps!

We hit a TON of classic Nickelodeon shows, including YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION, PINWHEEL, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE, LIVEWIRE, NICK ROCKS, HEY DUDE, FIFTEEN, SALUTE YOUR SHORTS, and over a dozen more, plus a special spotlight on SNICK - CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL, ROUNDHOUSE, REN AND STIMPY and ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK. Plus a look at the current series, and how Nickelodeon has changed from it's beginnings in the late 70s as The Pinwheel Channel to where it is today, the All-Spongebob Network!


Complete show notes can be found on our websites at and, so don'tcha dare miss 'em!

 Tomorrow - our Febuary Sweeps Double Play weekend continues with our final Feburary Sweeps show as TC and Kim count down their top 20 Sci Fi Shows of all time!