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Jan 18, 2009

We're going to the ends of the earth this week, as TC and Kim tackle movies set in the Arctic and the Antarctic!

We'll also talk a bit about the Midnight Sun Film Festival,  plus the latest news in Cinema Subjects, the latest PNR Networks news, coverage of the 2009 Golden Globe awards, a wrap up from the second stop of the inaugural Winter Dew Tour, and complete reviews of "My Bloody Valentine 3-d" and "Shaun White: Don't Look Down"!

Is on the air! Well, more specifically, it's online. The new site still has a few bugs here and there, and the subsites aren't completely finished yet, but over the next 30 days, things will fall into place. Please visit and http://subjectcinema for complete show notes on this episode, and come back for the latest in entertainment news, reviews, and pop culture observations every DAY!  And please please PLEASE...if you have problems with any area of the site, or for some reason cannot get to the feed for S:C let us know!

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NEXT WEEK - it's our first Double Play weekend of 2009!

SATURDAY, JANUARY 24 2009 - Subject:CINEMA #151 - "CITYSCAPES: Shake Rattle And Roll - Los Angeles And Vicinity In The Movies!"
Join us as we focus another Cityscapes show on the LA Basin!

SUNDAY, JANUARY 25 2009 -  Subject:CINEMA #152 - "Superbowl Tailgate Party! Football In The Movies!"
Join us for a look at football in the movies, as well as some great tailgating party tips, and more!