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Nov 9, 2008

This week, TC and Kim take a look at the combination of Swords and Sorcery In the Movies. From the Arthurian legends through Conan, and yes, even Star Wars, it's all right here!

Also this week: the latest entertainment news in Cinema Subjects; our Bonehead Of The Week, the latest Dancing With The Stars news, Attack Of The B Movies, the Grinch Report and listener e-mail.


Our Artist Of The Week this week is Grayson Hill, another band with a great Triple A/Americana sound we think you'll love! Their acoustic sound is perfect to go with Subject:CINEMA! Music provided courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

Featured Songs:

"A Little Time"
"Ode To You"
"Out Of My Reach"
"To Be Continued"

Check 'em out today!  And be sure to tell them you heard their music on Subject:CINEMA! If you're a musician and would like to be Subject:CINEMA's Artist Of The Week, contact us!ODDZ AND ENDZWe hope you like our slightly retooled format - more tweaks are on the way, and they're all designed to hopefully continue to make Subject:CINEMA an enjoyable, must-listen podcast for you!  We hope you'll spread the word about Subject:CINEMA to your friends - we love having all the listeners we can get!Keep an eye out for more exciting changes and improvements on Subject:CINEMA and Popcorn N Roses between now and the end of the year - we're on the verge of a major facelift, and if you've got any ideas on what you'd like to see, let us know at!NEXT WEEK: Subject:CINEMA #138 - "It's About TIME We Did This Show!"           Subject:CINEMA #139 - "Non Linear Narratives"