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Oct 12, 2008

"Screen Screams" month continues with TC and Kim's look into the various incarnations of Frankenstein's Monster!

We look at classic Frankenstein from Universal, Hammer Studios' take on the character, and various other interpretations of both Dr Frankenstein and his monster.

Plus, this week's Cinema Subjects, our Bonehead of the Week, coverage of Dancing With The Stars and Attack Of The B Movies, an update on indie musician Steven Bacon, whom we mentioned a couple of weeks back, E-Mail, and our review of the indie comedy CHOKE starring Sam Rockwell!

As always you can find complete show notes at and!

Screen Screams continues with our monthly DOUBLE SHOT next weekend - Saturday October 18 get ready for "A VERY Spirited Show - Ghosts and Goblins In the Movies!" and Sunday, October 19, it's "Happiness Is A Warm...Werewolf!?!  Lycanthropy In The Movies!"

Check out Steven Bacon and his music at - if you're a fan of singer/songwriters, trust me you will LOVE HIM - He's AWESOME!!

See you next weekend for our Screen Screams Double Shot!