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Oct 5, 2008

Our annual Halloween shows - this year dubbed "Screen Screams!" - begin as TC and Kim look at Vampires in the movies!

Of course, we cover the many incarnations of Dracula, and also hit a TON of other onscreen bloodsuckers, including movies like INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, THE LOST BOYS, NEAR DARK, and the upcoming TWILIGHT!

Plus TC and Kim discuss their trip to New York to see Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe make his american Broadway debut in EQUUS, plus a tribute to Paul Newman, this week's Dancing With The Stars coverage, a related Bonehead Of The Week, the latest Email, and this week's Attack Of The B Movies!

As always, you can find complete show notes at and!

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Next Week - Screen Screams continues with A REAL SELF MADE MAN - FRANKENSTEIN IN THE MOVIES!  See ya in seven! Mooooooo--hahhahahhhahhhhahhhhhhhhhhh!