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Aug 24, 2008

In this special edition of Hero Heat, Kim and TC discuss all things Superman!

This special THREE HOUR edition of S:C is JAM PACKED, as TC and Kim discuss Superman, the myth, the legend, the media star! Coverage of Supes on Radio, TV, Movies, and the Broadway stage is included, with tons of clips from various mediums.

Also, TC interviews Superman expert Bruce Scivally, author of SUPERMAN ON FILM, TELEVISION, RADIO, AND BROADWAY. Check out Bruce's fantastic site at!

And as all of THAT isn't enough, we manage to find room for an Anti-BONEHEAD OF THE WEEK, some quick site news, and a review of TROPIC THUNDER!

As always, complete show notes can be found on our websites at and

We apologize for having to move our double play weekend because of Kim's trip to the hospital, but it will be worth it next weekend - TWO GREAT SHOWS - Doctor Who on Saturday, and DragonBall on Sunday! Dontcha dare miss 'em!


CORRECTION: TC goofed when he was talking in segment 9 about SUPERMAN RETURNS. Kate BOSWORTH played Lois Lane, NOT Kate Beckensale - Kim corrected him when they were recording, and then he made the same mistake seconds later and didn't catch it. Sorry about that!