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Jun 22, 2008

TC and Kim take on the schlocky, take-themselves-too-seriously films of the studio which brought you "The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams" and "Hangar 18" and more!

Plus, this week's HUGE E-mail segment, the latest news on the Callback, a great Bonehead Of the Week, coverage of the opener in 2008's edition of the AST Dew Action Sports Tour, and a look at this year's AFI list, the Ten Top Ten!

As always, complete show notes are available at and!

Next Week - it's the list that a ton of movie fandom sites around the world have been keeping an eye on, because our track record has been pretty damn good, and we're out to do it's the third annual edition of "To Rise And Fall In L.A.", as PNR names it's Top 20 Rising Stars for 2008!  DON'TCHA DARE MISS IT!!!