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Jun 19, 2008

TC and Kim (she's back, yay!) continue their look at independent films and the state of the independent industry.

On the second part of State Of Independence, TC speaks with some of the people involved with a closely watched indie film called Still Green - writer/producer Georgia Menides, producer Doug Lloyd, and the filmmaker behind the documentary Making Still Green, Steven Petty. You can catch Making Still Green now in weekly segments on Film Threat's website at

Also check out the film site at and Steven's documentary at

And since she's back, Kim talks about what has been plaguing her for the past couple months, and how it landed her in the hospital for a week, and also chats about some of her favorite indie films. Plus, a trip into the Wayback machine for the original review of Still Green!

As always, complete show notes at and!

Coming this weekend: "Into the Sunn....Classic Pictures, That Is!" See you then! And don't forget, we're only ONE WEEK AWAY from PNR's 3rd annual Rising Stars show, "To Rise And Fall In L.A. III"!