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Jun 15, 2008

TC (sans Kim) explores the current world of indie film in the first of a two part special focus on PNR's website, Indie Film Spotlight.

This is the BIGGEST Show we've ever done, with a look at how indie films are made, what goes into them, how they're written and much more.

Joining TC this week are two very special guests: Michael Colford, the founder and president of Boston's Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film, and the writer, producer, and director of the quirky indie comedy Once Upon A Film, Decker.

Also, TC discusses his own view of indie films, what some of his favorite indies are (betcha you can just GUESS which movies he's going to talk about, heh heh heh) and Wayback reviews of Once Upon A Film and Paranoid Park!

On the second part of State Of Independence this Thursday, TC will speak with some of the people involved with a closely watched indie film called Still Green - writer/producer Georgia Menides, producer Doug Lloyd, and the filmmaker behind the documentary Making Still Green, Steven Petty. You can catch "Making Still Green" now in weekly segments on Film Threat's website at

As always, more extensive show notes are available at and

Don't forget to join us Thursday for part two of State of Independence, where we'll also speak with one of todays top indie blog writers, Larry Richman!

Get well soon, Kim - I miss you!