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Feb 14, 2016

Subject:CINEMA #513 - "Romance Is In The Air" - February 14 2016

THIS WEEK: It's a discussion of romance in the movies for Valentine's Day! Plus some recent events and more!

MICRO FOCUS - Romance in the movies
FREEZE FRAME  - We're All Africans, After All
NEWS - Justice Antonin Scalia passes, how Hollywood is...

Feb 7, 2016

Subject:CINEMA #512 - "The TENTH Annual Fethival of Film Fethivals!" - February 7 2016

THIS WEEK: It's one of our OPUSES (Opusi? Opussi?)! It's the TENTH ANNIVERSARY (WOW!) of the Fethival Of Film Fethivals! Because we missed last week, we got to include two fests we normally don't get to have on this show, so you get...