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Feb 24, 2015

Subject:CINEMA's 2015 Oscar Weekend Wrapup Special! - February 23 2015

It's HERE! TC and Kim put the final wrap on the 2014 Movie Year with their complete coverage of the 2015 Spirit Awards, The 2015 Golden Raspberry Awards, and of course, the BIG ONE - the 2015 Academy Awards!

We'll talk about the winners, the losers,...

Feb 22, 2015

Subject:CINEMA #473 - "'Trollhunter'/Oscar Predictions/'Apollo 18'/'Into The Storm'/Banned Baby Names" - February 22 2015

THIS WEEK: Found Footage Feburary continues! Because of Awards weekend, this week's show is a bit of a cheater, with some new segments and some classic found footage reviews!


Feb 17, 2015

Subject:CINEMA #472 - "'Cloverfield'/'Citizenfour'/The '50 Shades of Grey' phenonemon/'Boy Meets Girl'" - February 16 2015

THIS WEEK: Found Footage Feburary continues!
MICROFOCUS - "Cloverfield"
FREEZE FRAME - The '50 Shades of Grey' Phenomenon
FETHIVAL FLASH - True/False Film Festival lineup Announcement

Feb 9, 2015

Subject:CINEMA #471 - "'Chronicle'/'Spin'(1995)/'Lifeboat'/MPAA Changes Directions?/'Charlie Victor Romeo'" - February 8 2015

THIS WEEK: Kicking off Found Footage Feburary!
MICROFOCUS - "Chronicle"
FREEZE FRAME - Is the MPAA REALLY Changing Tactics?
FETHIVAL FLASH - South By SouthWest (SXSW) Film Announcement

Feb 1, 2015

Subject:CINEMA #470 - "The 9th Annual Fethival of Film Fethivals!" - February 1 2015


Subject:CINEMA travels (figuratively, of course) to the seven major festivals every January - and we've got our premiere picks from each festival plus up to five other picks (ok, Kim picked six from one) and more! So sit...