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Dec 31, 2015

Subject:CINEMA #508 - "The 2015 Poppies and Rosies Awards!" - December 31 2015

THIS WEEK: It's time! Time to find out what Kim and TC think are the best films of 2015 - it's a fun filled, award packed show you don't want to miss! Who will win Best Actor? Who will take home Best Actress? What films will be named "Best...

Dec 30, 2015

Subject:CINEMA Special - "The Top Films of 2015 Announcement!" - December 30 2015

THIS WEEK: This special mini SC is the kick off of our annual year end awards - TC and Kim briefly discuss the year in film, and then each name their top dozen films of the year!

Our Year end shows continue later this week:

Dec 28, 2015

Subject:CINEMA #507 - "OMG We're BACK!" - December 27 2015

THIS WEEK: We're BACK! And the story of why we've been gone so long is part of our show this week - our move, our battle with Commiecast, the Critics groups year end winners and a review of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS! All here, all now! We're happy to...

Nov 21, 2015

Subject:CINEMA is hoping to particpate in Libsyn's "Thanks Podcasting" special Thanksgiving weekend, and this is our contribution!

In it, TC and Kim talk about what it means to be podcasters, what we get out of podcasting, and how podcasting has changed our lives! It's a quick little special, and we hope you enjoy...

Nov 16, 2015

Subject:CINEMA #506 - "Vacation, All WE Ever Wanted!" - November 15 2015

THIS WEEK: It's that time of year again, Folks - our annual vacation TRAVELOGUE show!  Ok, I know...but things are hectic right now, and this is our biggest and bestest travelogue show EVER!!  Promise! Chill with TC and Kim as they run down...